Paper Pulp purification equipment desander equipment principle

The vortex slagger was invented in 1891, but was first used in the paper industry in 1906.

At that time, the vortex slagger was only used to remove heavy impurities from fiber slurry.

The main body of the slag eliminator is a cylinder, which was not improved into a cone until about 1950s, and was widely used in the paper industry.

It was not until the early 1960s that vortex desander was widely applied in China.

Since the 1970s, due to the rapid increase in the use of recycled waste paper, secondary fiber raw materials slurry, the type and amount of impurities in the fiber slurry greatly increased.

For the needs of the purification of pulp, the development of slag eliminator is very fast, there have been a variety of types and models of slag eliminator for the purification of waste pulp, such as heavy impurities in slag eliminator, light impurities in slag eliminator and double function slag eliminator series products.

The heavy impurities slagger is used to remove the impurities in the pulp with a higher density than the fiber.At present, there are a lot of heavy impurities dregs series products made of different types, diameters, main body lengths and materials.

At the same time, a large number of design improvements have been made on the slurry inlet, slurry outlet, slag outlet, main structure, diversion device, material performance and the type of the combined unit of the slag eliminator.

In order to reduce fiber loss, a pulp saver or a fiber recycle station with special configuration was added. In order to save energy, a high and medium density impurity slagger was developed.

Light impurity slagger light impurity slagger light impurity slagger is a kind of slagger which is specially designed to remove the impurities which are smaller than the proportion of fiber in the pulp. It has great significance to purify the waste paper pulp.

Because the specific gravity of heavy impurities and light impurities is different from that of fiber, the flow direction of good slurry flow and slag slurry flow after separation is also different in the slag eliminator.

Therefore, the structure of slag eliminator to remove the two is different. Even the structure of some light impurities is more complex, and the main operating technical parameters are also different.

Tapered slag eliminatorA pulp purification and slagging equipment used in paper industry.

The shape is a cone with a conical Angle of about 8~13 degrees. It is made of stainless steel, hard rubber or cast iron lined with polyethylene plastic layer.

The inner wall is smooth and clean, wear-resistant, pressure-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and does not deform under the temperature of 40~60℃.

Eddy motion is used to remove heavy impurities.The slag removal efficiency is higher than eddy current slag remover, which can significantly reduce the dust degree of pulp.

And can be into bundles or parallel rows, tailings can be selected in sections, to reduce the pulp slag loss.

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